Why do I write?

I write because I’m not scared to say what I feel when it’s out on paper. Nobody can judge me for who I am or what I’m thinking. I write because it’s freeing to my soul, I can unleash all the bitterness and all the love at the same time and never be questioned of why I feel a certain way. I write because the only person who understands me best, are my thoughts which are constantly at battle with my heart and soul.  I write because when I go back and read the things I feel and have to say, I cannot believe I know so much and yet pretend that I know nothing at all.

If I couldn’t write, I’d probably be a painter, if I was any good at it!

What do I regret?

I regret not giving myself time to learn more about myself. I regret not giving myself enough credit for the things I’ve done and that I’m capable of doing, for compromising with very less, for letting excuses get the best of me, for not believing in myself, for not taking what is rightfully mine – love and respect.

What I am proud of?

I am proud of accomplishing the biggest task of falling in love with myself, of getting a hold of my health and getting fit, of realizing that I am good enough and no one can tell me otherwise. I’m proud of growing closer to my friends and knowing that no matter what, I shouldn’t be scared of opening out to them. They’re there not to judge me but to love me. I am finally taking the reins into my own hands and damn that feels good.

This journey is just the smallest glimpse of what I carry in my heart.

This is for you, with love.

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