Not this way


You don’t want me in your life?” he asked.

“I wanted you in my life, on days you didn’t care and on days that you did.

On days that I would tell you that I’d leave the world to be with you and on days you never believed those words.

On days that I’d die for you and on days that you reminded me of how little my feelings mattered.

On days that I told you never to leave me and on the day that I walked away.

All those days, I wanted you in my life. But I cannot have you now because I chose me.

I have to forgive, I have to mend myself, I have to mend my heart. And I have to do it alone.

So to answer your question, yes I want you in my life. But not this way.

Not when all it’s going to do is remind me of what we could be”.

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