Feels like just yesterday that I saw your face, felt you so close to me, your hand in mine. Our bodies so close, I could feel you breathe inside of me.

You said things that you couldn’t promise, but you did anyway.

You said things would be easy when we both knew you were lying, but I chose to believe anyway.

We knew that love and our faith in each other was all we have to hold on to.

So hard to be far away from you for all this time.

Now mornings seem so dull without your face to wake up to. Nights seem like they’ll never end.

For all the things left unsaid, undone, moments shared, memories made. For all those times; I Miss You.

For all the promises broken, tears shed, stolen kisses, regretful goodbyes; I Thank you.

For who we were, all that we were meant to be, and all that we never will be; I Love You.

Always, always and always.

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