It’s you again

The smell of wet earth fills the room, and I move my feet to find yours between these sheets. They intertwine like woolen threads that make a sweater, keeping us warm as the night grows cold and dark, and all we have is our light to keep us company.

At times we seem to shine so bright yet sometimes it feels like its flickering away, and how easy it is for us to find ourselves moving in no direction, like the closer we get the further away it pulls us but your hands always find mine and when I look into your eyes, they always find a way of making it brighter and I realize that everything is going to be okay.

You are the complicated art that hangs within my frames that only  you and I can see how sometimes something so tangled and complex, can be so simple and so beautiful like sunshine when the skies are grey.

I move closer and your warmth keeps me calm, your presence keeps me settled, your love keeps me alive.

I look up and see, it’s you again.

It always has been; it always will be.

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