We will always be

As I saw you crossing the road my heart stopped for a second. It was you. It was still you the way I imagined you to be. The same innocence that I always loved to see in your smile, the curls from your hair dropping down on your face like dancers in the night.

I’ve missed you and each time I did, I knew there was a big gaping hole where my heart was supposed to be.

When I turned around on days that I couldn’t cope with the world, my world, I couldn’t seem to find you. But when I see you now, and how the sun kisses your skin with all its glory, I realized that you were always there, but I was always waiting, waiting for you to show up and what I didn’t know back then, was that you did.

On the days when I decided to take on the world with no qualms, you were there, watching me and loving me for exactly who I was and even more for who I wasn’t. And I survived knowing that no matter how right or wrong the world seemed and how much hate there was around me, or how much I wanted to give up on myself, you were always there. And you still are.

… I am always leaving and we are always moving away but I will return to where my heart belongs… 

We may be far away and those miles can only be counted in numbers but no matter how big those numbers are or how many hours separate us, you will be there and I will be here carrying your heart inside mine.

As I see you cross the road with tears in your eyes my heart stops for a second. Goodbyes are never so easy. How I long to stay and never leave but I am always leaving, and we are always moving, moving away but I will return, to where my heart belongs. I will come back and hold you.

Let not your heart lose hope, let not your heart lose love.

Just hold on to our memories, for one day they will become our future and it will still be you and me – holding on into the night.

Photo Credit : Sasha Greenwood 

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